This is Beautiful, I love the Graphics, What an amazing boat, I love the cockpit layout, the paint job looks great, there is so much volume inside this boat, she is so pretty, she has everything I need to race or cruise, is that water ballast…and more.  These are the comments we’re getting right and left about our J/99 on display, indoors, at the Seattle Boat Show.

“What the heck are these lines hanging inside the companionway for?”  “The yellow lines shift the water side to side, the red dumps it over.”  We love that question, it opens the door to explain the design brief of the boat – She’s a boat with a solid design brief:  The J/99 platform opens up a wide range of sailing opportunities and with the crew replacement water ballast option installed it enables sailors to bring different crew, race against fully crewed boats with less bodies aboard or race or cruise with that added performance when there is just 2 aboard.  Her limit of positive stability is 137 degrees, she’s a stiff stable performer without it but with the crew replacement ballast owners are enabled to do so many different things.

That’s the key here in the Pacific Northwest, doing different things with your boat.  Our area has many amazing races around some simply stunning desolate territory with majestic snow-covered backgrounds, thermal and system winds combined with challenging currents and tactical choices.   We have some exciting shorthanded point to point races and there are fun evening and weekend club races in almost every nook and cranny of our Salish Sea.  More serious oriented buoy racers will have no trouble finding tons of options to wet their desire for high level competition near every major city in the PNW, yet, it’s almost impossible, no, it is impossible to ignore the fact that our little corner of the country has some of the best cruising grounds our worlds waterways have to offer.  You need a boat with a comfortable interior to truly enjoy the cruising.  It doesn’t need a lot, but it wants that warm comfortable feeling and amenities that step things a touch above boat camping on your stripped-out race boat towards something enjoyably and comfortable to be aboard and below while cruising.

The J/99 will excel at all of it.

With her large ergonomic cockpit design, working area aft and seating area forward that doubles as a working area when racing or a resting area when daysailing or cruising the J/99 is ready to accomplish the task at a moment’s notice.  Start the inboard, drop the lines, slip the main up on her ball bearing cars, unroll the jib and kill the auxiliary and your sailing in minutes with minimal effort and putting her away for the night just as easily and quickly.  Set up the spinnaker sheets and connect the tack line and halyard and your ready to race and with the ample room on the side decks and foredeck you don’t notice the extra bodies when fully crewed up.

Below the J/99 boasts a forward enclosed head and sail locker followed by a wide-open salon seating with center leaf table easily seating 4 for a meal and 6 for happy hour.  Her L-shaped galley with top loading fridge, single basin sink and gimbled propane stove makes meal preparation easy and enjoyable.  She has a sit down forward facing nav desk to starboard, a good sized nav desk and two enclosed aft cabins with double berths.  Headroom?  Yep, she’s even got standing headroom with 6’ of clearance in most of the standing areas of the Salon.

As I finish writing this article another customer walked up to me under the bow and I hear “this is an amazingly pretty boat you can do anything in.”  She truly is – don’t miss this chance to get aboard a brand new J/99, indoors, at the Seattle Boat Show – you have until February 1, 2020 to jump on this opportunity.