J/Fest NW Sponsors;  Please take the time to thank our wonderful sponsors for J/Fest Northwest

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Sponsoring Businesses:

Supporting Businesses

Sail Northwest invites you to join us for the 2nd year comeback of the original J/FEST.  For 26 years we produced some of the best racing and after race socializing available on the planet.

We need your support to help make this regatta not only a successful one but one that rewards the boat owner(s) for supporting our businesses over the years and builds their understanding of the thanks we each have for that support and the promise the future brings.

  • Sponsor ($500); your business logo will be medium sized and on any printed materials and your business will be spoken about and thanked during award ceremonies. Listed on J/Fest website as well.
  • Supporting; supporting sponsors will provide items as prize and giveaway items to the participants in registration packets and during Saturday night and Sunday award functions. Your business logo will be small sized below any sponsors and on any printed materials and your business will be thanked during award ceremonies and giveaways. Listed on J/Fest website as well.

We have initial one design class commitments from the J/22, J/24, J/80, J/105, J/109 & PHRF commitments from the J/97e, J/122, J/29, J/27, J/30 and Cruising class commitments from J/35c, J/37, J/40, J/44.  We truly hope you decide to help us rebuild the J/Fest that started them all and join the fun with a proud group of sailors, every type of J/boat will be out sailing with us at the end of June, you want to be part of it!

Sail Northwest, 206-286-1004