Salona 60 World premiere at boot Düsseldorf

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Salona Yachts is proud to announce that the New Salona 60 is set to make her World premiere at the upcoming boot Düsseldorf.

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The event will run from January 18th to 26th, 2014.
Displayed sailing yachts – Hall 16 Stand D57 & D77 – Salona 60 – Salona 33 – Sydney Yachts GTS43

New Salona 60 marks the entrance of Salona into a completely new market segment – the market of luxurious semi-custom yachts

Salona 60 3

Salona 60 1 Salona 60 Salona 60 2

It is a sailboat with an uncompromised sport design signed by America’s Cup designer, Jason Ker. The elegant exterior offers a vast area for outdoor living while the elegant lines of the hull guarantee good performance for which the Ker’s projects are famous all over the world. On the other hand, Salona maintains the spirit of modern, elegant interior that is designed according to the preferences of the owner, and its principal characteristic is a clear communication with the environment.

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Lateral openings of the sailboat do not serve the decorative purpose only, visual contact with the surrounding and great amount of the natural light create a completely new, relaxing atmosphere in the whole space below deck. In combination of natural materials and modern textures in the interior, the most advanced technological solutions in the construction of vessels and elegant layout that characterises our sailboats, Salona definitely introduces a new breeze of freshness into the market.