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Reichel Pugh 55 Sold – July 2015

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    Condition: Used
    Make: Reichel Pugh
    Year: 2007
    Length: 55
    Location: Newport, RI

    Custom Built in 2007 by McConaghy Yachts, Rima2 is a near sister ship to the Australian racer “Wedgetail” (formerly YENDYS), built just months before. Rima2 is slightly different in its hull and rig design, to favor the moderate conditions of the Northeast USA to provide a
    more powerful platform. The design brief called for a powerful and fast IRC design capable of competing against TP52’s inshore buoy racing yet strong enough to handle the most grueling offshore events. With a more offshore focus, interior volume and headroom were high on the list of priorities. Compared to a TP52, Rima2 offers a considerable interior living space, full-sized bunks, a complete and proper Nav. Station and far greater hull and deck strength.

    Rima2 features a high stability keel and bulb; over 50% ballast/displacement ratio. The high modulus carbon rig and composite C6 rigging adds greatly to the stability of this design. Rima2 is a powerful design capable of strong upwind performance in the 9+ knot range and even more exciting downwind rides at well over 20 knots.

    • 2012 – New Keel and Bulb design by Reichel Pugh

    • 2012 – New Updated C6 Carbon Fiber Standing Rigging & Backstays

    • 2012 – Fully re-painted hull, deck and non-skid

    • 2014 – Mast and Boom Inspected and Refinished by Hall Spars

    Rima2 has been measured and rated to compete under IRC, ORR, HPR and ORCi. Rating Certificates are available.

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