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MJM 43z – New

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    Condition: New
    Make: MJM
    Year: 2021
    Length: 43
    Location: Other

    43z – NEW Outboard Epoxy Composite Boat

    Thanks to input/insistence from MJM owners, experience in the Carolina Low Country and SW Florida markets… MJM is taking its 2nd major step into the large, growing outboard cruising market. There have been impressive technological and control advances with new outboards, particularly with Mercury. In addition, lower maintenance costs, less demanding daily checks, greater performance, reduced risk of damage when grounding or snaring pots, and quiet running of these engines offer attractive consumer benefits.

    It was just a matter of time before MJM received inquiries about the availability of outboards on its larger models. One interesting consumer perception has been: the longevity and quality of an inboard boat is defined by that of the engine… while the life and quality of an outboard boat is not, because it’s no big deal to clamp on a new engine. And this is what has lead to the 43z… a more likely successor to the 35z than a larger inboard diesel. Length of deck on top of the extended hull (rather than a swim platform) supporting the propulsion unit is 42’ 7”, rounded off to 43 feet. LOA with engines down and anchor roller is over 46 feet.

    Sail Northwest
    Sail Northwest